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Collection: MASCARA

Get fluttery lashes in seconds with our best-selling ‘Kawaii-Lash Mascara’! For those laid back days where you don’t wanna glue down strip lashes, or as the first step in your lash routine, Kawaii-lash Mascara is here to create that doll-like doe-eyed look, and to make your eyes pop! 

This mascara is vegan and suitable for those with sensitive eyes, looks amazing used on both top AND bottom lashes, or just the top ones, the look you want is up to you! 

This formula does not smudge, and while it is not waterproof, it lasts just fine through a gym sesh, crying sesh and even if you get caught in the rain with no umbrella (speaking from personal experience here). 

When asked why we chose not to make it waterproof; this is actually my personal preference. As someone who previously had very sparse lashes following years of extensions, my lash tech at the time advised me waterproof mascara can wreak havoc with your natural lashes as it is very hard to remove in comparison to formulas that are not waterproof, so we created a non-waterproof mascara, that is still VERY hard to budge when exposed to unexpected moisture. 

This mascara is long lasting and will create ultra-long, flexible lashes that will have you cancelling your lash appointment in no time!